Full Out with Samantha Jo Harvey

How to navigate tragedy and win at life with Diamandia Lingos

April 13, 2022

Buckle your seatbelts for this conversation with Diamandia Lingos! In today's conversation we'll cover:

-Going from stress + pressure in career to navigating the tragic loss of a partner

-What women use to define their self worth

-Diamandia's experience with PTSD

-What it's like to go from being a high performing individual running multi million dollar company to someone who could barely eat or sleep

-Imposter syndrome

-What happens when you no longer can control + feel safety via  controlling your mind + body


-Going from scarcity…to powerhouse

-Advice for Alpha females


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Guest bio:

Real Estate Developer, Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Former VP for the UFC working for their fitness extensions, UFC GYM and UFC Fit, VC Consultant, now speaking and consulting clients on empowerment, mindset and optimization; helping them face their fears so they can live extraordinary lives. 


Connect with Diamandia: @diamandia

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