Full Out with Samantha Jo Harvey

Living on Purpose with Alexandra Cole

January 29, 2020

Corporate consultant turned purpose-preneur Alexandra Cole joins the podcast today discussing all things PURPOSE! 

We discuss:

-Alexandra's journey from corporate to purpose


-overcoming obstacles to live in alignment

-journaling as a tool to discover your purpose

-tips for business and romantic partnerships

Guest bio: Alexandra Cole is the co-founder of Purpose Generation and the Purpose Playbook, two companies dedicated to uncovering the "why" behind organizations and individuals. She is a coach, author, and podcast host and her personal purpose is to help people lean into what lights them up. Alexandra was born in London, raised in the Netherlands, and she is currently adulting in Santa Barbara, California with her husband. She is happiest when writing, engaged in a deep juicy conversation, exploring new places, or on her yoga mat. Alexandra’s work has appeared in the Huffington Post and on Forbes.com.

Connect with Alexandra: www.alexandracole.com  @purpose_playbook

Let's connect on IG: @samanthajoharvey

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